7th Syzmenzab Fuzz/Octave

by BMF Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, Octave

Basically a modified Octavia-Style Pedal, Fuzz with switchable octave up, and a great vintage tone. Hendrix on an acid trip! First Run, Limited Batch! 

From bmf_effects Instagram:
So let’s talk about the 7TH Syzmenzab.

The ‘Zab is based on the Tycobrahe Octavia and I gave it the House Blend treatment. The octave can be switched off leaving you with just the fuzz side of the pedal. I wanted the fuzz side to be useable on its own so I dialed out some of the “woof” and tightened up the low end. A couple of adjustments here and there and you can now get the octave effect all the way down to the 3rd fret. It’s negative ground, no special power supply needed. Finally, I added a pre-gain control (Body) which gives it even more flexibility.