ACV-1 Time Warping Chorus & Vibrato (Black)

by Asheville Music Tools


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Effects: Chorus, Vibrato

100% Analog BBD based Chorus Vibrato pedal

The Analoger™ Series ACV-1 chorus/vibrato/slapback is the latest creation in our series of 100% analog effects. The ACV-1 consists of a modulated BBD delay line with a flexible supporting cast of synthesizer-inspired controls. On the surface, the ACV-1 is simply a highly tweakable classic chorus. In reality, it is a veritable powerhouse of time warping modulation effects: shimmering comb filter swirls, luscious true pitch vibrato, glitchy textures, ringing metallic pipe tones, and even a faux reverb.

This astounding analog modulator was engineered by Hawker to deliver the ultimate time warping experience. With a bit of a mind flip, you’ll be into the time slip—and nothing will ever be the same!

At the heart of every chorus is a short delay whose time is modulated by a low frequency oscillator (LFO). The ACV-1 uses a 1024-stage X-Vive™ high-voltage MN3007 BBD chip for its delay line. Mixing that delay back in with the original signal produces the familiar, lush sound of chorused voices in unison.

Many choruses keep the delay time fixed, but our Time knob lets you warp through the decades of chorus. Start in the middle for a tight 70’s-style chorus. Go longer for a drippy 80’s chorus and a warm slap delay, or go shorter for flanging tones.

Another uncommon addition is our Feedback knob with phase options. This lets you deepen the chorus effect and explore more exotic metallic or vocal sounds. At high feedback settings you can use the Time knob to dial in peaks and notches for resonant sounds, like a pipe or a bell. The Tone control changes the frequency response of the feedback loop to make your chorus more shimmery, or more dark and haunting. Utilizing the phase switch you can produce hollow, deep vocal sounds akin to a talk box.

Our LFO includes multiple waveforms: triangle for classic chorus sounds, sine for gooey vibrato, and square wave for rhythmic glitches and pitch jumps. The Rate and Amount controls have a huge range from subtle dimension to complete time warping madness. Or you can zero out the LFO to explore double-tracking effects, static comb filtering, and short delay.

The Mix control has a range from fully off to 100% wet, which lets you dial in subtle sounds or go all-in for true analog pitch vibrato. These settings are great for Leslie organ sounds or tape-like warble. The Tone control is even more useful here, as a way to sculpt the overall tone of your wet signal.

Finally, the CV jack rewards more intrepid sonic explorers with an even wider range of control. Increase the feedback into self-oscillation, push the LFO beyond its limit to audio rates, or drop the delay time into a lo-fi, ring-modulated soundscape.  With its thoroughly engineered set of features, the ACV-1 synthesizes decades of time warping modulation effects to inspire a whole new dimension of sounds.

ACV-1 Time Warping Chorus & Vibrato (Black)