Alma Comp MKII

by Lusithand Devices


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Effects: Ace!, Bass Effects, Compressor

The Alma Compressor MKII, an opto-isolator compressor, is an evolution of it’s predecessor; it retains all its original elements such as an internal voltage doubling circuit, and a Clean control to be blended with the compressed signal.

As a highlight, the new features of the MKII are a Ratio switch, allowing the user to select between 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1 compression Ratios, as well as a visual indication of how much compression is being applied to the input signal.

An internal voltage doubler increases the voltage being fed. This makes it possible to have 36v of internal running operation, when powering from an 18v supply,  increasing headroom and preventing unwanted clipping/distortion from a hotter signal.

The Clean buffered control, when mixed with the compressed signal, allows for parallel compression which can help bring some clarity back to your playing.

The EQZ is a Tilt Equalizer which together with the SHIFT EQZ allows to gently (and musically) compensate for different sounding instruments.

The Alma Compressor MKII is a great tool to help improve your tone while keeping everything together. It has superb clean sound, very low noise and it allows for a decent amount of boost on top of everything.


CLN= Clean signal

COM= Compression/Gain level

VOLcom= Comp volume

EQZ= Tilt equalizer

SHIFT EQZ= shifts between 900 Hz and 250Hz tilt point                RATIO S.= 2:1/ 4:1/ 8:1 compression ratio’s