Alma Comp

by Lusithand Devices


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Effects: Ace!, Bass Effects, Compressor

The Alma Compressor is inspired on the legendary Diamond BCP-1. We took everything great the BCP-1 had to offer and improved on it by adding an internal voltage doubling circuit going from 9v to 18v and from 12v to 24v. This selectable function increases the headroom and it prevents unwanted clipping/distortion. We have also added a Clean buffered path to be blended with the compressed signal. This makes it possible to create parallel compression. The level of compression stays true to the original and the ratio is fixed at 3:1/4:1 and it's determined by the Com level, as well as the instruments output level. The EQZ is a Tilt Equalizer which together with the SHIFT EQZ allows to gently (and musically) compensate for different sounding instruments. When the EQZ pot is at 12, there is no colouring of the sound, when turned clockwise, frequencies above the tilt point get boosted while the ones below get attenuated. Going anti-clockwise the frequencies below the tilt point get boosted while the ones above get attenuated. The Alma Compressor is a great tool to help improve your tone while keeping everything together. It's super clean sounding, very low noise and it allows for a decent amount of Boost on top of everything.

Current draw 9v (18v internal)= 35mAh 12v (24v internal)= 42mAh