Altar MKIII - Doom / Sludge Fuzz

by Lichtlaerm Audio


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Bring your sacrifices unto the Altar and immanentize the eschaton!

The newest version of our earth-shattering dual pedal consisting of a high output clean boost and a high-gain fuzz/distortion circuit delivers lots of low end, sustain and punch. Very loosely based on the classic Black Russian Big Muff it´s the perfect weapon for everything from Gilmourish sounds to sludgy Doom and Stoner riff-goodness and much, much more!

While earlier versions aimed to please both guitar and bass players alike we decided after some feedback to release updated versions for either instrument! The guitar version is the first to be released:
Replacing the blend control with an active midrange we expanded the EQ to 3 perfectly voiced active bands with 18dB cut and boost each along with the depth pot that varies the saturation character from tight, distortionesque sounds to a full on sludgy fuzz the Altar gives you ultimate control over your sound: from classic scooped Muff-sounds to mid-heavy, fuzzy distortion that will cut through every mix - be warned: the EQ is insanely powerful and can reach ridiculous (but fun) sounds at extreme settings!

Furthermore we’re introducing a new, proprietary control here: the “comp”-dial completely transforms the sound of the Altar from loud, dynamic distortion over bone dry muff sounds all the way to a low gain super organic Germanium overdrive: you can blend seamlessly between the different characters and adjust the saturation to your liking here! The Altar is increasing the 9V input voltage internally to an insane 36V which increases headroom and loudness of the Altar to unprecedented levels: this is for sure the loudest big muff style pedal in existence!
Another staple is our so-called “DOOM”-switch: an internal slide-switch that pushes all the gain stages into beast mode in an interesting way: it changes the corner frequency of the drive-sections between a mid-heavy Sovtek style crunch to a battlehammer of doom that sends all frequencies through the clipping stages!

The independently usable boost circuit adds overtones to your sound and adds up to 36dB of extra push to the front end of either your amp or the fuzz/distortion circuit: never ending walls of droning fuzz, square wave sounds with a hint of glitchy octave: The possibilities are limitless - just take your time to dial it in try out different combinations of both sections! Not gnarly enough? We got you covered: turn up the “grind”-control to alter the frequency response of the boost from an almost flat response to a bass & high-mid heavy curve that emulates the frequency response of a fully cranked Boss HM2.

The original Altar was the first ever Lichtlaerm Audio design and we finally feel it is where we always wanted it to be: the most flexible, organic fuzz, distortion, overdrive, boost and everything in between we could’ve ever imagined - no matter if you want to play Pink Floyd, Bongripper, Entombed or even your most horrible dad-rock blues pentatonic: this will have you covered!


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • "Depth" alters the input saturation, compression and fuzziness of the sound

  • proprietary “comp”-control that blends between different clipping styles: seamlessly mix fuzz, OD and distortion

  • 3 band active EQ with 18dB boost/cut per band

  • independently usable boost with up to 36dB output

  • “Grind”-control for the boost-section blend in a fully cranked HM2 EQ-curve

  • internal “DOOM”-switch for full on sludge-sounds

  • the loudest Big Muff style circuit in existence

  • 9V center-negative power supply (13mA) (runs on 36V internally)