Amber Spyglass - Studio Grade Hybrid-EQ

by Lichtlaerm Audio


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Effects: Boost, EQ

The Amber Spyglass is a super flexible solution for people who are looking for both a boost or an EQ-pedal! With 4 perfectly chosen bands it allows you to tailor your sound pre- or post gain with drastically different results: put it in front of your amp, cut the bass to tighten the sound and push the high mids to get cutting leads or push the low mids for syrupy sludge sounds and change the gain structure of your overdriven sounds! In the fx-loop or after your distortion pedal it changes the whole frequency spectrum of your tone: add bass to make it fat and warm, cut low mid muddyness for tight, modern sounds or tame harsh highs. It’s all possible with its 4 non-interactive, constant-Q filters. The pedal has extreme headroom, super low noise floor and allows for a full-range boost of up to 16dB! In addition to this you’ll find a semi parametric mid-control that allows you even more control over the frequencies where the guitar really lives: the mids!


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • 4-band EQ with up to 16dB cut/boost per band, non-interactive, constant-Q

  • low noise, high headroom (27V internally created)

  • bass: 40-100hz, low mid: 400hz, high mid: 1000hz, treble: 4000-10000hz

  • up to 16dB full range boost via volume control