Ares Organic Drive

by Organic Sounds


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Effect: Overdrive

Organic Sounds' first-ever original OverDrive pedal. Buffered bypass for a natural, deep sound when the pedal is off. When the pedal is on and using low gain, you'll hear a unique elastic sound. You'll feel a fuzzy drive with a vintage feel is added when the gain is turned up. It's volume control has great precision has a wide-range of sounds.

Ares Version

This Drive pedal has natural sustain and fuzzy overtones when the gain is turned up. The specific clipping diodes in the circuit create a distortion which reaches a higher gain than the Hydra version and a shimmering sonic image. The sound is grainy, yet tightly packed and supports comfortable crunch to hard clipping distortion. The sound is three-dimensional regardless of the gain setting and it also has a vintage pedal-specific taste that builder Watanabe likes. ”It's crispy and light, but the sound is loud." For example, if you like the combination of humbucker pickups and Marshall amps, you'll love the sound of this pedal. 

Ares Organic Drive