Astronomy Domine - wavefolding reverb

by Blue Colander


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Effect: Modulation

Astronomy Domine is a foray into distant spaces, both strange and wonderful. Pedal to mimic and extend spring reverberation units timbre, transferring it to zone of unceasing massive sound waves. With multiple colour shaping controls, wide gain range with remarkable distortion capacity and reverb wavefolding circuit it may create classic and pleasing ambient tones, but rather be found on way to noise, shoegaze, psychedelic, drone and all sorts of experimental paths of music peregrinations.

Full manual at bottom of the page.

VOLUME - overall volume of the pedal
REVERB - volume of reverb channel
DRY - volume of dry channel
FEED/FOLD knob - amount of reverb feedback, or wavefolder gain (depending on the switch setting)
SPACE knob - length and 'size' of reverb
COLOUR knob - overall tone control of the pedal

FEED/FOLD switch - left setting sends reverb signal back to it's input (feedback); right setting routes reverb signal to a wavefolder circuit; center setting selects both of these
SPACE switch - sets overall preamp gain, headroom and clipping behaviour (reverb goes into dirt stage) - left setting is high headroom boost; center setting is overdrive; right setting is distortion
COLOUR switch - left setting is flat on both channels; center setting brightens reverb channel; right setting keeps center setting plus additional treble boost on both channels (input stage)

CRASH momentary footswitch - engages self-oscillation

Internal CRASH trimpot - sets how quick CRASH footswitch reaches max feedback

Internal DIP switch - sets hard clipping type of SPACE switch right position: ON is LED clipping (classic distortion sound - factory setting), OFF is diodes disconnected

True bypass latching switch
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Output impedance: max 3kΩ
Power: 9-12V DC negative center, current draw 115mA, up to 290mA at startup
Hammond 1590BBS box (124mm x 94mm x 58mm including hardware)

Astronomy Domine - wavefolding reverb