by Fuzzrocious


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Effects: Distortion, Fuzz, Overdrive

BIG FELLA is the best answer to "I need a drive that does _______." In this small 1590BB enclosure, we've given players so many features!

Running at 9-18V for less/more headroom and compression, one can expand your drive signal how you wish. The Gate footswitch adds an aggressive fuzzy gate that will give players a synthy, gated fuzz tone with hard cuts, perfect for palm mutes and power chords or velcro sounds. The momentary feedback footswitch is updated from previous designs with an internal trimpot allowing more or less volume and chaos. Lastly, the Demon/Li'l Fella toggle will allow one to select the classic Demon or Li'l Fella settings.

Li'l Fella settings add a Gain pot for more control over the Drive's saturation and a warmer tone stack. Demon settings are more straightforward with just Volume, Tone, and Drive controls.