Big Nimbus

by Maneco Labs


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Effects: ambient, Filter, Reverb, Synth

The ultimate Clouds firmware based device in pedal form. One of the most powerful, flexible and inspiring soundscape devices with fantastic sonic audio quality to boot.

This is an expansion to the Small Nimbus, which creates textures and soundscapes by combining multiple overlapping, delayed, transposed and enveloped segments of sound taken from an audio recording buffer. It continuously records the incoming audio into a short amount of sample memory. While recording time can reach up to 8s by reducing the audio quality setting, you ought to feel very guilty every time you think of this as “tape” – think of it as a space, a room. Using this recorded audio data, the module synthesises a sonic texture by playing back short (overlapping) segments of audio (also known as “grains”) extracted from it.

On top of the already deep and incredible Clouds firmware, this device has 3 independent and fully controllable LFO's, a ripping, gnarly fuzz based on a Japanese Super Fuzz and it's own lovely, glassy, musical reverb (distinct from the incredible "Oliverb" algorithm in the Clouds firmware). 
Besides the Clouds module, the 3 LFO's, "reverb" knob and fuzz are self explanatory. Turn all the LFO knobs down, they're OFF. Start turning rate, wave and depth knobs for any of them, they're ON.