BuBop Buffer, Booster

by TEFI Vintage Lab


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Effects: Booster, buffer

BuBoP! was conceived by merging three features very often needed by musicians: Buffer (the quiet Joe Buffer) and Booster (the angry Don Booster) combinable with Presence (the fat Bill Presence). This handyman stompbox can be placed anywhere in the effects chain: e.g. before an overdrive pedal to get more saturation, before a fuzz box to radically change its sound behavior to get a lot of “angrier” distortion. You can also place BuBoP! at the end of the chain to get the level boost required for solos or simply to give get overall sound equalization. It’s also useful to adapt the correct load instrument impedance to a old vintage amplifier or effects with low input impedance levels, or else before low input impedance mixers and PC soundcards.


 Thanks to its wideband response, covering the whole audio spectrum, BuBoP! can also be used with a bass guitar, electric piano or any instrument needing a preamplifier and/or equalization that can be activated with the Presence switch. The original “clip guard” LED blinks when the input signal is too high: this is an useful alert to establish whether the amp is saturating or not. With a blinking LED the BuBoP! gain stage saturates and can produce overdrive tones.

BuBop Buffer, Booster