Bullitt Booster Fat Vintage

by VL Effects


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Effects: Boost, Booster, Germanium

Each VL Effects pedal is fully handmade by Vincent Loret in Paris, France. 

The "Bullitt Booster" is an original VL Effects schematic version of single Germanium Transistor Booster includes the Atk-Ton VL effects technology which brings new sound and possibility of High Natural Tone! The Bullitt gives you classic tones from the 60's to 2020's. The more the amp and pedal are cranked, the more creamy, beautiful, sustaining distortion there will be. The Germanium Transistor is selected from VL's Vintage highend Transistor stock. For best sounds we set up Bias without used trim but carbon resistors or Metal Film Resistors who are matched and tested for each Transistor.

What's ATK-TON ? 
Atk-Ton developed by Vincent Loret VL effects for Bullitt Pedals allow:

  • Atk-Ton acces by a Trim coupled with the Trim Gain Booster.
  • adjust tone from high narrow treble sound to wide Fat sound
  • increase sensation of true tone
  • on Fat mode you can satured your tubes' of your Amps - use for that clear channel
  • very stable tone and very easy to set up during concert and studio session
  • with Atk-Ton, the Bullitt Booster is not only a Booster like the Treble Booster but much more and can compare with multiple pedals plugging together - Disto pedal + T-Screamer + Sat + Booster
  • producing full range of classical vintage sounds allow you to have only one pedal during your concert or studio session instead of multiples distorsion pedals and booster
Bullitt Booster Fat Vintage

Low gain model from the Bullitt Booster Family. Delivers the best harmonics and fat tone for Soul and Blues Rock music. Every guitar player must own this model in order to have access into the unique VL-Effects world.
"Secret weapon" of multiple famous guitar players over the world. 
  • Specific highend Atk-Ton Module with vintage Parts
  • ATK-TON trim system - a VL-Effects system !
  • hightend cabling
  • reverse 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation.
  • OC44 CV7033 1964 and 1966 low/medium gain
  • Carbon Resistor for awesome Tone
  • Germanium Temperature stabilisation system
  • Silvered soldering
  • Vintage Wima Oil Paper Caps
  • Vintage Oil Papaer Caps Reissue
  • 1 Year Warranty but support for life!

*Ser# and graphics will vary, as each pedal is hand-painted.