CC Hybrid2

by Foxrox Electronics


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Effects: Fuzz, Fuzz Face, Hybrid

CC Hybrid2 is based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit, originally available in two versions using germanium or silicon transistors. CC Hybrid2 uses one of each, combining the warm, dark organic tone of germanium with the clarity and sustain of silicon. The Si/Ge transistor pair is selected by ear and biased to deliver a tone with all the best qualities of Germanium and Silicon. CC Hybrid2 is a very stable fuzz that rejects radio transmissions, and the tone does not change with temperature (two common Fuzz Face problems)


FUZZ:  Typical setting: All the way up, or backed off a little. You can dial in a massive range of great sounds just by playing around with the GRIT control, the FUZZ control, and your guitar’s volume and tone controls. A 1K reverse-log taper pot is used for spreading the range out evenly.

GRITTypical setting: 12:00. Grit allows you to fine-tune the bias of the transistors. Recreate the sound of miss-matched transistors or a dying battery. Tones range from smooth to gated when fully clockwise. 

VOLUMETypical setting: Adjust to match guitar volume or set to maximum for overdriving amp. Increasing the volume also increases the brightness of the Fuzz. 

POWER: On/off switch for saving battery life when the pedal is not in use. This is a convenience feature for those who use a pedal board and prefer to use a battery. There is no need to unplug the input jack when not in use. The Power On/Off switch shuts off external power as well. Power is automatically disconnected when there is nothing plugged into the input jack. 

INPUT PAD:  This switch adds some resistance at the input of the fuzz. It's similar to turning your guitar volume knob down a small amount. This decreases the loading at the input, resulting in a clearer sound from the guitar. Input pad can also be useful for interfacing the fuzz circuit with various other pedals. 

EXTERNAL POWER: CC Hybrid2 requires isolated power, meaning the ground and voltage connections cannot be shared with any other pedals (daisy chain). Most pedal board power supplies and wall-wart power adaptors have isolated grounds, but check owner's manuals to be sure.

WARRANTY:  Foxrox warranties this pedal for 5 years against failure. Parts and labor are covered. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper voltage, extreme abuse, and unauthorized modifications.

CC Hybrid2