CD10 Delay Champ

by Ibanez


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Effect: Delay


One of the most effective ways to fatten up the sound of an electronic instrument is to add depth and extension. The best way to do this is by using some sort of a delay. By utilizing slightly repeated, tight echoes, one can achieve a very rich and melodic tone. The CD10 is the perfect device for this. The CD10's analog circuitry mimes the vintage tonality of an old tape echo, yet because of its reliable hi-tech circuitry, the CD10 is able to work night after night with very few battery changes. The CD10 features delay times up to 300msec with low noise and a wide dynamic range giving you both economy and versatility without sacrificing performance. Normal and dry stereo outputs allow you to add even more dimension and depth to your delay effect.



The CD10 is termed as an analog delay because it uses an analog BBD circuit to produce it's delay effect, rather than digitizing the analog signal, storing it, and converting it back to an analog output. The result is a warmer, more natural sounding echo. Multiple repeats are obtained by looping the delayed signal back to the input.



Since analog delay processing distorts and rolls of high frequencies as the number of repeats increases the CD10 actually is more natural sounding than a digital delay. In nature, sound reflections are influenced by the reflective surface's density and texture. High frequencies are more susceptible to absorbtion and aren't reflected as much. Even air and humidity can distort an acoustic signal as it travels to the listener. The soft, pleasing sound of the CD10, especially in the 200-300ms. range gives effects digital delays are incapable of without considerable extra processing.

A doubling or slapback effect (delay time: 50-100ms, repeat: 0) in stereo is very effective with the CD10, as the repeated sound seems to come from a distance because our ears perceive the loss of highs as a sound that has traveled farther.

from: Ibanez Power Series pocket manual