Cephalopod II

by Skreddy Pedals


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Effects: Fuzz, Octave

The Skreddy Pedals™ Cephalopod II blasts a powerful, creamy fuzz voice with a prominent octave-up effect.

This fuzz sustains well as it supplies a strong octave-up and a full, natural bottom end.

Rip your Hendrix or your Pumpkins solos out!

Note: this is not a Precision Series effect; it uses all through-hole components with carbon-composition resistors.

Standalone fuzz-octave with tons of power, no need to stack with other gain pedals
Dig in and let it fly! Best pure octave results are achieved using your neck pickup and playing up around the 12th fret region, but you'll get more of the fundamental note mixed in when you use your bridge pickup.