CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor



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Effects: Compressor, guitar and bass

The CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor is designed for users seeking ease of use and professional sound quality. Ideal for bass and guitar, it also works well with any other electric instruments, and vocals, when paired with a mic preamp. The ONE delivers great clarity and musical definition without distortions or artifacts, enhancing playability while preserving the instrument’s natural tone.

Key features 

  • True analog bypass
  • Blackmer® VCA analog compressor
  • True RMS-level detector
  • Ratio 1:1 – inf:1
  • Sense Threshold Switch Presets: Low -40dBu; High -30dBu
  • Make-up Gain -6dB to +20dB
  • Hard compression knee
  • Program-dependent Dynamic Auto Timing (Fast Attack / Slower Release, with an immediate release for transients and hold for steady signals)
  • Non-linear, easy-slope, high-pass side-chain processing above 1KHz
  • Dry/Wet mix
  • 5-LED’s compression display
  • Hi-quality FET audio IC, low tolerance parts & WIMA audio capacitors
  • MINI-sized, black powdered, genuine aluminum Hammond enclosure
  • 9-12 V DC external power supply (not included),  center negative, 12mm long barrel plug
  • 3-years warranty (direct to manufacturer, international, transferable)
  • Hand-assembled in Vienna, Austria

CompIQ MINI ONE Pro Compressor