CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor



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Effects: Compressor, guitar and bass, studio grade

The CompIQ MINI Pro MK2 is an exceptionally powerful analog compressor/limiter packed with unique features in an ultra-compact mini pedal format, perfect for detailed control of dynamic signal processing. It delivers outstanding results with all instruments, especially with guitar and bass. What sets the MINI apart is the groundbreaking combination of Blackmer® VCA-based selectable Feed Forward / Feed-Back compression along with a multitude of other control parameters and a precision Gain Reduction Meter. The CompIQ MINI Pro introduces a new standard of innovation in compressor pedals, delivering professional results in an incredibly small package.

Key features 

  • Blackmer® VCA / RMS-level Analog Engine® ensures professional compressor/limiter function
  • Feed Forward / Feed-Back compression
  • True RMS-level detector
  • Ratio 1:1 to inf:1 (limiter) in Feed Forward mode; 1:1 to 10:1 in Feed-Back mode
  • Threshold -40dBu to +10dBu
  • Make-up Gain -6dB to +20dB
  • Hard / Soft compression knee
  • Fast / Slower dynamic attack and release timings
  • Variable Side Chain Filter (raises or lowers control frequencies in the side chain ±12dB @ 90 Hz, 12dB/oct. imparting an opposite effect on the working signal at the output of the compressor)
  • Dry / Wet mix
  • 5-LEDs compression display
  • True analog bypass
  • High-end quality Burr-Brown FET audio ICs, low tolerance metal-film resistors, Panasonic, Kemet, Cornell Dubilier plastic film audio capacitors, Gold-plated PCB, Gold-plated micro-switches
  • Black powder-coated Hammond aluminum enclosure
  • 9-12 V DC external power supply (not included), center negative, 12mm long barrel plug
  • 3-year premium warranty (direct to manufacturer, international, transferable)
  • Hand-assembled in Vienna, Austria

CompIQ MINI Pro Compressor