CompIQ STELLA Pro Compressor Pedal for Bass & Guitar



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Effect: Compressor

 The CompIQ Stella Pro MK2 stands out as a remarkably powerful compressor/limiter pedal, offering a wide array of parameters for unprecedented control over playing dynamics. The Stella proves versatile for studio applications like bus compression and tracking and delivers outstanding results in live performances. It can be utilized with any instrument, such as guitar, bass, keyboards, synths, electro-acoustic guitars, etc., and even with vocals, with an additional microphone pre-amp.

The optional DITOS Transformer-Coupled Balanced Output DI is already installed on this unit. Built with Burr-Brown™ technology and highly advanced line drivers, the DITOS provides complementary signal conditioning and a warm musical voicing to any instrument.

If you would like a version without DITOS installed, I can order one in.