Cruiser Deuce

by Lazy J


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Effects: Boost, Overdrive

This is the Cruiser Deuce, handmade with quality components, this pedal features the ultimate way to overdrive a tube amp. It’s a Booster/Overdrive pedal in one, or, depending on the settings, something in between.

Unlike the standard cruiser, this one splits its functions into two separate stages. Stage one is the Gain and Volume only and can be used as a Booster. The Cruiser takes the signal from your guitar and amplifies it without changing its tone and dynamics. The signal at the output is exactly like the signal at the input, but bigger. This bigger signal has the ability to drive your amp much harder, resulting in really rich tube distortion with all the tone and dynamics retained. This means that it won’t sound squashed and compressed like many other overdrive pedals. What’s more, it can be fully controlled by your guitar’s volume control - back it off, and it’ll clean right up!!

Stage two comes with the second footswitch where you engage the DRIVE circuit, which is completely bypassed when turned all the way down. This works in conjunction with the SAT control and between them they can take your signal from a clean boost into serious drive. The character of the drive, i.e. Compression/Dynamics can be tailored with the SAT control and mini toggle switch.
Both these functions can be combined for a wide variety of sounds and make the pedal very versatile indeed.

The Cruiser retains a warm and transparent sound at all times. Whether you boost or overdrive, it always feels like an extension of your guitar and amp, and at no time does it ever become thin.
This Pedal uses a True Bypass, so when it’s switched off the circuit is completely disconnected from the straight-through signal. Your guitar then goes straight to your amp, without any signal-loss or coloration.