by Black Arts Toneworks


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Effects: Doom, Fuzz

With two switches and just one knob, the Destroyer does one thing very well. It simply destroys.

You may remember the Black Arts Oath and Ritual—with one and no knobs, respectively, that were straight-forward doom machines. The Oath was all damage, all the time whereas the Ritual had just one solitary volume knob. Together, they are the Destroyer.

The two circuits are cascaded into one another (Oath first, Ritual second) for ultimate aural obliteration. The Ritual's volume knob acts as a master volume when both sides of the unit are engaged. Matt Pike of Sleep/High on Fire plays an Oath by itself. Have you wanted to sound heavier than the guitar player of High on Fire? Dare you? The Destroyer has the highest doom-to-control ratio of any pedal we carry. Tune in, turn on, doom out.

The Destroyer is true bypass, runs on a standard "Boss" style plug, 2.1mm center negative and is built to absorb stomping as heavy as the sound it makes.