Dizzy Buzz

by Tru-Fi


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Effect: Fuzz

The inspiration for the Dizzy Buzz goes all the way back to 1966 and the GP Harmonic Generator which was then actually booted by the Burns company for the more famous Buzzaround Fuzz manufactured by Baldwin Burns company. This is all very mysterious as they did not even change the knob layout and Burns produced tons of them in England and Australia. They later where again produced by a company called Elka in Italia who produced the Dizzy Tone in 1969. 

I thought it best to take a bit of the names and came up with the Dizzy Buzz which I have produced to the spec of the original but with the addition of a side mounted Volume pot because the originals were incredibly loud with no way to tame the best. The controls on top are very old fashion and vintage which I love, Sustain is Fuzz, Timbre is tone, and Balance is a Bias that will make it raspy and more interesting.

I found a GREAT transistor for these, the sound is as my one famous guitar friend said, "dead on" and he is a major Robert Fripp head who used the Buzzaround in the early days of Crimson. So, what does it sound like ? Well, it is very aggressive and has TONS of sustain. It is actually, VERY modern Fuzz for the time at which it was released, this is NOT a Maestro raspy buzz fuzz even if the name implies it. It is really a great musical - useful - Fuzz delight.

If you want u can upgrade to OC71 type transistors for $25 they just cost so much money these days. BUTTTTTTTT to be honest the standard one is I am using are JUST TREMENDOUS and they are not Russian.