Dope Priest ZD

by Emanating Fist Electronics by D*A*M


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Effects: Big Muff, Fuzz

This Dope Priest ZD (DP-77) is the original version of the Priest, as in the 2005 D*A*M Ram Head circuit, as in the '76-77 era built Big Muffs, and the OEM versions made in that period. It's a straight-on replica, no tuning or tweaks, just a fine sonic example of a vintage piece of gear.
Right now, I dig the idea of the Dope Priest being just this. It's my personal favourite version of the Big Muff. When I think Dope Priest, I think of this circuit. The alternate circuit versions can be found in the Particle Series range...

Whether you seek the archaic tones of a 1970s fuzz device but without the burden of the ever-increasing vintage prices, or whether you seek a high gain high quality distortion device tailored for the heavy but with its roots firmly embedded in the past, the Emanating Fist Electronics Dope Priest will give you the sonic enlightenment that you seek.