Doppel octave fuzz

by Blue Colander


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Effects: Fuzz, Octave, Silicon

Doppel is my second Foxx Tone Machine based pedal which now exhibits completely different potential. Some uncommon circuit tweaks deliver a new approach to a classic pedal. It's overall character is now raw, mean, brutal and skeewy, yet delivers some handy tone operations potential.

Fuzz knob tends to enhance variable range of midrange towards low settings with low end cut at minimum (it acts in kinda similar way to a wah pedal). This means it is an effective tone shaping tool beyond simple gain control, with many sweet-spots across the whole dial.

Jolt knob lets undistorted low-end through and adds extra grit to the fuzz sound. With this control dialled it gets extra juicy and bold.

Tone knob acts similar to BMP control, but it's midrange is slightly boosted to make it cut through and not so dramatic in action. Total character is quite dark but allows to dial in some high end aggressive rasp - nonetheless it's still smoother and fuller than a coarse Lawrence, my second octave fuzz.

Level knob provides lots of gain on tap so you can smash your amp even with lowest fuzz setting.

Octave switch switches octave on. Octave knob blends octave effect with the basic tone, what changes it's character from 'overwhelming' to more 'matching', with many useful settings across the dial. Octave itself is not as sweet and slinky as in other Foxx-based octavefuzzes (e.g. my Lawrence). It's raw, mean and angry. With jolt turned up and octave even at max no low-end is sacrificed.

Please note: to keep superfluous plastics production as low as possible, all my pedals come without battery clip unless you need it. This one does have a battery clip installed.