Double Rat Bass

by Comodoro Pedals


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Effects: Bass, Bass Effects, Distortion, RAT

The Rat is one of the most versatile classic distortions.

By setting the FILTER and DISTOR controls you can get bluesy tones, smooth distortions or fuzz sounds with infinite sustain.

In the Comodoro Ratbass we add a BLEND control to mix the signal distorted by the effect with the input signal.

This multiplies the options for creating new sounds and makes it an ideal pedal for bass players as it allows you to maintain the definition of the instrument in the highest distortions.

We've also added a 3-position toggle switch that lets you choose between three different types of clipping for the distorted signal.

In the DOUBLE RAT BASS we put 2 rats in the same box!

You can choose between 2 different settings with a single click.

With the left footswitch activates/deactivates the effect. Mechanical true bypass.

With the footswitch on the right you select between Rat 1 or 2.

We also add a pair of jacks, send and return , to mix other effects in parallel with Rat 1.

The send-return loop is mixed in parallel with Rat 1 on the BLEND knob.

Turning to the left we have the loop signal and to the right the Rat signal.

With the PHASE toggle switch you can invert the phase of the send-return loop signal.         

Some pedals invert the output signal, if you add a pedal in the send-return loop that inverts the phase of the signal when mixing it with the Rat signal, frequencies will be lost, with this switch you can correct the phase of the loop.

The default position of this switch is 0.
To know more about the controls you can visit the description of the RATBASS.

Works with a 9vDC power supply.

5.5x2.1mm connector with positive ring and negative central pin, BOSS type (not included).


 MEASUREMENTS 95x120x50mm  450gr.

Like all Comodoro pedals, the DOUBLE RATBASS is assembled by hand one by one, with quality components and lots of love.