DUH Remedial Fuzz

by Joe Gore


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Effect: Fuzz

Joe Gore Duh Remedial Fuzz. Duh is an aggressive one-knob fuzz that doesn’t merely bludgeon your amp with gain, but adds a distinctive, harmonically rich character. There’s high-end sizzle and low-end mass, but both are carefully sculpted.

Unlike most ultra-high-gain fuzzes, it boasts phenomenal dynamic sensitivity, providing high-contrast tones in response to guitar-knob adjustments. Result: far more colors than you’d expect from a one-knob box.

Duh is voiced for great results with anything from a sizzling Strat bridge pickup to a fat neck humbucker. Its tones are less scooped than on most retro fuzzes, though the low-mids are manicured to emphasize airy, sparkling highs. ?Single-note lines and solos sing with rich sustain. Chords sound massive, yet they retain definition, even relatively complex voicings that would dissolve into mush with most fuzzes. Sceptical about whether a one-knob box can suit many different guitars and amps? You may be in for a surprise.

Duh was created in San Francisco and is built in Michigan by skilled craftspeople earning a fair wage.

DUH Remedial Fuzz