Eldritch Blast

by Electronic Audio Experiments


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Effects: Fuzz, Octave

Eldritch Blast is a massive fuzz built around a powerful, touch-sensitive octave/intermodulation generator. It is a sound so sinister that it could have only come from the outer gods...

The development of the Eldritch Blast has origins at the start of EAE. It is an expanded take on the Magic Missile Fuzz, an early design which is an homage to the modern classic fuzzes of Devi Ever, Tim Escobedo, and all of the circuit-bending weirdos on ilovefuzz.com. We teamed up with Alec from Mask Audio Electronics (MAE) to fine-tune the design, and came up with a result which significantly diverged from the original Magic Missile circuit. The end result is a heavy, yet complex fuzz with a unique octave up texture and an active EQ voiced for aggressive, harsh tones.

We'd also like to thank Dan from Audio Disruption Devices for the stellar art design!


  • Gain: Controls amount of gain and low frequencies at input

  • More: Controls amount of signal feeding octave circuit

  • Tone: Active peaking filters working on the highs and midrange simultaneously

  • Bass: Active peaking filter centered around 100 Hz

  • Volume: Loudness amount

  • Splat: Shifts the dynamics and gating of the transistor stages

  • Mode: Changes transistors in the octave generator

  • Chaos: Adds uncertainty, gating and other artifacts to the fuzz

  • Engage: Master bypass

  • * (Left Footswitch): EQ on/off

Additional features include true bypass switching, 9V center negative power, and top-mounted jacks.