Emerald Green Distortion Machine

by BJFe Pedals


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Effects: Distortion, Overdrive, VOX

BJFe Emerald Green Distortion Machine 4K (EGDM4K) 

The EGDM 4K was specifically designed to create the compression of the top boost channels of the famous British combo tube amps. The emphasis is on the depth of distortion and the reproduction of the compression feel. It also reproduces the light "ducking" effect at high input levels, and also has a specific EQ curve that creates the characteristics of the sound. The sound of EGDM 4K is a dynamic overdrive-distortion with a brilliant top end. As you can see from the British Racing green colour housing, it is the tone when the vintage class A tube amp made in England is top boosted.

This pedal is ideal not only as an effect for creating that sound with a clean transistor amp or tube amp, but also for boosting an amp with a similar sound. The DIST knob adjusts the strength of the distortion and the appearance of sustain and harmonics.

The TREBLE and BASS knobs can control the high and low frequencies, respectively. You can use it as a booster by turning the DIST knob almost counterclockwise. Also, if you have multiple distortion pedals on your pedal board, connecting the EGDM at the beginning tends to give the EGDM and other drive pedals the best performance. The VOL knob adjusts the volume balance when the effect is ON / OFF. At first, set it around 12 o'clock, and then adjust the tone from there. The EGDM 4K has a high input impedance that matches the guitar pickup, and you can adjust the strength of distortion with the volume control of the guitar. The output is set for guitar amps, many effectors, and tape echoes.

Please note, due to the 100% handmade nature of these pedals the finish does vary slightly from unit to unit.