Empress Deus Chorus

by Red Witch


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Effects: Chorus, Vibrato

Red Witch’s most beloved pedal, The Empress Chorus, is back.

Ultra Versatile. 100% Analog. New "DARK" mode. Chorus/ Vibrato. Stereo.
The most versatile analog chorus ever made.

The original Empress Chorus was used exclusively by Andy Summers for all chorus sounds on the Police reunion in 2007.

The most iconic exponent of chorus tones.

The biggest reunion of the decade.

The Empress Chorus.
The new Empress Deus Chorus gives you access to the exact same sounds and circuit in Andy’s unit. All analog, with a new-old-stock MN3007 Bucket Brigade Delay chip at it’s heart, the Empress Deus Chorus offers virtually every chorus flavor you could desire.

The new Empress Deus adds an extra feature, the option of switching the right-hand toggle switch to a much darker mode – allowing you to emulate the high roll off of the classic Boss CE-1.

Featuring the unique VOICE control of the original Empress, you are able to change the delay time of the chorus – allowing you access to an infinite number of chorus pedal sounds in one box – from super-spanky sparkling clean to over-the-top sea-sick inducing, pitch bending wobble.

Every analog chorus sound you could ever desire in one, beautiful box.

Current draw: 25ma
Weight: 360 grams
Dimensions: 93mm x 52mm x 118mm

"Ben Fulton, the man behind Red Witch, has succeeded in designing a chorus pedal that is capable of dialling in pretty much any chorus sound you may have floating around in your head while not relying on past sounds to get you there. "
Premier Guitar Magazine,

The Empress is a three-dimensional modulation machine, and when you couple its vast array of sounds with absolutely wicked construction – and some cool graphics – you’ve got one of the drippiest sounding chorus/vibrato pedals ever made."
Guitar Player

Empress Deus Chorus