Endless Blockade Noise Gate

by Lone Wolf Audio

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Effect: Noise Gate

ATTN - Some amps may need a buffer ahead of the pedal, Ive tested it across a lot and very few do but be aware of this.

A quality tuner will suffice in most cases.

The Endless Blockade is a studio grade, massively high headroom noise gate built upon the idea of decreasing noise, without sacrificing sustain like all the other Djent and modern gates going around.

We play hardcore and actual death metal here, sustain matters.

The Endless Blockade also features a secondary gate trigger input,
called the PADLOCK, which allows another source, to cause the gate to open/close.

Ive tried it with a delayed signal to create gated percussive rhythmic effects and its pretty killer (you will need a pedal with 2 outputs such as tuner, a stereo delay or the eventide H9)

The Gate control is a simultaneous compression, and noise gate threshold control
allowing you to retain your picking dynamics and sustained notes for leads/divebombs while decreasing background noise.

The Range control is a sweepable control that sets the Padlock inputs overall master effect, so you can blend in how much of this affects the main inputs trigger
the gate.

The Shift control is an added fine tune gate control so your pinch harmonics don't get lost.

Due to the internal high voltage of this effect the use of any power supply other than a high quality isolated and regulated DC brick is prohibited.

That cheap one spot daisy chain, or low tier wallwart, and knock off chinese joyo/donner/caline/biyang unisolated supply will not work and will damage the pedal due to the power requirements of this product.

It needs 100ma tap minimum but works better on 200ma+