Fuzzrocious Tyrannochorus

by Fuzzrocious


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Effects: Chorus, Gated Fuzz

(Chorus with gated fuzz in wet loop)

TYRANNOCHORUS is Fuzzrocious’ second big foray into modulation. A normal chorus would be boring, so we made it more “Fuzzrocious.” We’ve squeezed so much into a small 1590BB enclosure to save users space on their pedalboards and maximizing the features one needs to sound unique and unlike any other chorus in the pedal world! A gated fuzz sits INSIDE the wet loop of a lush, deep chorus yielding a chewy, sputtery feel and leaving your cleans clean. As your signal sustains, then fades, the gated fuzz clamps down and spits it out.
The most important feature is the momentary footswitch at the top of the pedal. Sitting above the pots/knobs, one can hold this switch down to send the chorus rate into fluttery, spinny, choppy waves.
There is SO much to do with this chorus and we can’t wait to see/hear what you’ll make with it!
  1. GATED FUZZ: We’ve placed a gated fuzz in the wet loop of the chorus which can be turned on/off via the left footswitch.
  2. TOP MOMENTARY FOOTSWITCH: The top momentary footswitch sends the rate/speed of the chorus into full flutter for extra weirdness (have you ever seen three usable footswitches in the 1590BB footprint??).
  3. WIDE TONE SWEEP: Wide tone sweep affecting the chorus.
  4. FEEDBACK: Feedback of the chorus is adjustable to go from a dry chorus to a warped, alien chorus.
  5. TRIMPOTS: Depth control, further depth control, blend, and fuzz tone.
    • IMPORTANT – DO NOT adjust the internal BLEND pot
  7. 9V DC output center negative power ONLY

Fuzzrocious Tyrannochorus