GainOver – British-voiced overdrive

by TEFI Vintage Lab


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Effect: Overdrive

GainOver is a two-preset, British-voiced overdrive with switchable channels and independent Gain and Volume controls. The “Low Gain” section ranges from a quasi-clean boost to a creamy full dynamic crunch with clear attack, while the “High Gain” section maintains these properties while producing more drive saturation. The GainOver design is based on the PCN (Progressive Clipping Network) proprietary circuit, a complex analog net designed to obtain a dynamic and progressive approach to distortion, reproducing the incoming saturation of an EL84 Class-A final stage of a tube amplifier.




Thanks to the PCN circuit every note is well defined, whether you are playing a melodic phrasing, a rhythmic pattern or a sustained Solo. We have created GainOver to allow the musician to maintain the same sound during playing, from light crunch to hard overdrive Soloing in one pedal. Moreover, GainOver can be used in a single channel amplifier to obtain a typical three channel configuration (Clean, Crunch, Drive), thanks to two independent Gain-Volume settable presets that allow limitless versatility.