Ge Spot Germanium Fuzz

by BMF Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, Germanium

The Ge Spot is an updated take on the timeless two transistor fuzz circuit from the 60’s that features Volume, Fuzz, and Bias controls (external) plus a Pre-Gain control (internal) that gives you complete sound-shaping control. With a twist of the volume knob on your guitar you can go from a sweetened clean tone to a defined, raging wall of tarpit madness. And unlike the original, the Ge Spot doesn’t need to have the Volume and Fuzz turned all the way up to sound good - there’s plenty of germanium-fueled goodness to tap into.

All you need is fuzz … isn’t it time you found the Ge Spot?

As with all BMF Effects pedals, the Ge Spot Germanium Fuzz pedal features true bypass switching and a DC jack.

*Transistor and voicing options exist based on parts availability, please feel free to contact me for further details.