GeGB Fuzz/Boost

by BMF Effects


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Effects: Boost, Fuzz, Germanium

This combines the BMF Ge Spot Vintage Germanium Fuzz Pedal with BMF's GB Germanium Boost Pedal.

The Ge Spot is an updated take on the timeless two transistor fuzz circuit from the 60’s that features Volume, Fuzz, and Bias controls (external) plus a Pre-Gain control (internal) that gives you complete sound-shaping control. With a twist of the volume knob on your guitar you can go from a sweetened clean tone to a defined, raging wall of tarpit madness. And unlike the original, the Ge Spot doesn’t need to have the Volume and Fuzz turned all the way up to sound good - there’s plenty of germanium-fuelled goodness to tap into.

The GB Boost starts with the classic germanium-fuelled treble boost design and adds a tone knob for even more control over your boosted sound. Extremely versatile, the GB Boost can be used before your gain pedals to create a second channel; at the end of your signal chain to push you up and over during a solo; or straight into an amp that’s on the verge of breaking up to give you more drive. The options are there and yours to choose.