Ground & Pound

by Lusithand Devices


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Effects: Bass Effects, Distortion, RAT

The Ground & Pound is Lusithand's take on TOOL bassist Justin Chancellor’s grittyy, stick-out-of -the-mix, distorted sound. We believe it does a good job at it but it's not, by any stretch, a one-trick pony. 

The distortion has been carefully tailored and eq'd to have a full frequency spectrum, sounding full bodied and cutthroat.

With the addition of the EQZ tilt control (centered around 250Hz), borrowed from the "Alma Comp" design, it allows for adding some serious bottom end to the distorted signal while attenuating the higher frequencies, or, on the other hand, to add some grit to the top end while attenuating the lower frequencies. When the EQZ pot is at 12, there is no colouring of the sound, when turned clockwise, frequencies above the tilt point get boosted while the ones below get attenuated.

Anti-clockwise, the frequencies below the tilt point, get boosted while the ones above get attenuated.

The "MIX" control, allows the player to mix the "clean" signal with the distorted signal with an interesting twist. The clean signal, actually, has very light compression (2:1 ratio) which adds feel to the playing and mixes very well with the distorted signal, giving it somewhat of a tube amp vibe when playing. The compression is borrowed from our Alma Comp design and it adds to the experience of playing, without colouring the tone too much.

The Ground & Pound, despite its origin of concept, is very versatile, when combining all the provided tools for tone shapping. It shines when using a pick and digging into the strings at lighter gain settings or it can smash your face in when using it at higher gain settings with both finger style and pick.

Ground & Pound