Honey Bee Deluxe

by BJFe Pedals


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Effects: Booster, Overdrive

Honey Bee Deluxe with Toggle Switch is a pedal that incorporates a booster into the popular high-response and sweet tone Honey Bee OD, allowing you to boost your lead like a 2ch amp.

In addition, the mode switch on the One Control Honey Bee OD allows you to switch between the earliest HBOD and the latest HBOD tones.


The BJFE Honey Bee OD (HBOD) is an overdrive pedal that's perfect for electric guitars and guitar amps set to clean to crunch. Inspired by the sound of old Supro amps, it was released on December 4th, 2002.

There are plenty of warm, mild overdrive pedals out there, but few that sound like HBOD.

Works great with other effects and distorted amps to create a fat, warm overdrive character.

Dynamics that can be easily adjusted from clean to overdrive with the touch of your hand is also a major feature.

HBOD is an overdrive that features an overwhelmingly dynamic response even in a pedal system. With the headroom and frequency response of a small old amp, even a large amp sounds like it was recorded with a small amp. In addition, it can be operated optimally in any position in a complex pedal system.

The Drive knob may feel like it has little effect on its own. Set it to 12 o'clock and pluck the strings hard to feel the dynamics.

The Treble and Bass knobs are 2-band EQs that adjust the tone. It follows the knob of Honey Bee OD 4K.

The Volume knob adjusts the balance of the volume when the effect is ON/OFF. Start by setting it at 12 o'clock and adjust the tone from there.

An example of using HBOD is to connect it to a clean amp and add clarity and distortion to the tone depending on how hard you pick. Flat guitar strings produce a mellow tone, while round strings produce an old-style light distortion.

Placing the HBOD last in the pedal system gives it a softer response and a little boost in the low-mids. It is also ideal for correcting bright amps and tones that have a "ceiling effect" in the high range.

When combined with a compressor, connecting HBOD before the compressor provides distortion that expands the dynamics of the tone without changing the level, and placing HBOD after the compressor allows the compressor to keep the HBOD input level constant. . You can use this to adjust the sustain of HBOD with the compressor.

HBOD's dynamic performance makes it feel like it sustains longer, and works well in combination with other effects.


The booster that can be turned ON / OFF with the Global Boost footswitch on the left side of the Honey Bee Deluxe with Toggle Switch controls the boost level with the Boost knob on the left end.

This booster is based on the BJFE Baby Pink Booster, but with a slightly brighter character.

The Baby Pink Booster is a clean boost originally created as a keepsake that came with the 100th Honey Bee OD.

Overdrive and booster can be turned on/off individually or simultaneously.

● Toggle switch

The body has a toggle switch. The left I switch toggles between the latest HBOD (Modern) and earliest HBOD (Retro) sounds. The P switch on the right can switch the high-mid tone after passing the overdrive. Please use it according to your preference.

●Internal trimpot

The Honey Bee Deluxe with Toggle Switch features an internal trimpot. This is the overdrive pre-gain control and can be adjusted to your liking.

* Damage to the trim pot is not covered by the warranty. Be sure to use a precision screwdriver to adjust the trim pot, and do not apply excessive force.

In addition, we cannot support adjustments such as returning to the original settings after changing the trimpot settings. Please be careful.