Hydra Organic Drive

by Organic Sounds


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Effect: Overdrive

This is the first "overdrive" manufactured by Organic Sound. While paying the utmost respect to the well-known famous machine "KLON Centaur", we have commercialised it with our own sound make-up instead of copy / replica. Organic Sounds' first-ever original OverDrive pedal. Buffered bypass for a natural, deep sound when the pedal is off. When the pedal is on and using low gain, you'll hear a unique elastic sound. You'll feel a fuzzy drive with a vintage feel is added when the gain is turned up. It's volume control has great precision has a wide-range of sounds.


The parts used are subject to change without notice. Please note
If you step on the foot switch immediately after turning on the power, pop noise will occur, but this is not a malfunction.
It also supports 9V battery drive, but in addition to buffered bypass, the power supply is boosted internally, so the battery drains faster than a general overdrive pedal. If the plug is stuck in the input, the battery will be consumed even when the effect is off. please note.
When using an external power supply, use a stabilized 9V power supply.

Hydra Organic Drive