Jimi Face

by VL Effects


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Effects: Fuzz, Fuzz Face

VL Effects are different league effect pedals. Vincent Loret has been making innovative highend effect pedals since 1982. You can truly say he is a master craftsman. All VL effects are 100% handmade point to point with the best quality components available. This attention to detail comes out in the sound and feel of the devices.

Highend Fuzz pedal with vintage components and 2xOC75 50' Germanium Transistors.
Delivery the best harmonics and Fuzz tone for Soul, Blues Rock, HardRock, RockPunk, ... Reissue of famous 1983 VL-Effects Fuzz JimiFace

- ATK-Ton Setup. Specific highend ATK-Ton Module with vintage Parts
ATK-Tonsystem - a VL-Effects system !
- Gain Setup
- Volume Setup
- Fuzz Setup
- miniswitch, 3 level of Bias
- fully handmade by VL
- highend cabling
- reverse 9 volt DC jack or Battery operation.
- Vintage Germanium transistor 2xOC75 50'
- Carbon Resistor for awesome Tone
- Silvered soldering
- Vintage Wima Oil Paper Caps