Kakarot Fuzz

by Acorn Amps


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Effect: Fuzz

The Kakarot Fuzz is a hybrid fuzz circuit featuring one germainium transistor feeding into one silicon transistor which is then sent through a pair of LEDs for boosted clipping. The Kakarot dual transistor circuit can sweep between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones with the turn of the Fuzz knob. The Level control adds flexibility to the overall output of the pedal, enabling you to dial in the perfect position of your signal in the mix. Top-mount Switchcraft jacks, robust latching footswitch, and durable 125B aluminum enclosure make the Kakarot fuzz ready to take your pedalboard power level over 9000!

Features include: 

  • Hand built and hand wired from start to finish by obsessive compulsive pedal nerds in Atlanta, GA

  • Two transistor fuzz pedal featuring one silicon transistor and one hand-picked NOS germanium transistor

  • Fuzz control sweeps between slight gritty boost all the way to wily fuzz crunch

  • Assembled entirely with high-quality, audio grade components and rugged latching foot switches and metal Switchcraft jacks

  • True bypass and powered using standard 9 VDC pedal power and consumes less than 30mA of current