Kassandra - Multi Waveform VCA Phaser

by Lichtlaerm Audio


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Effects: LFO, Phaser

Named after the tragical heroine from Greek mythology our Kassandra is a unique VCA-based phaser that offers you tap tempo, 8 different waveforms from classical sine and triangle shapes to more experimental random sloped and steps along with the possibility to be turned into a Univibe.
The resonance knob adjusts the amount of signal that is fed back to the first phasing stage, resulting in a crisper, more vocal like phasing without ever distorting - a thing that we always felt was annoying with JFET-based phasers.
The LFO has a way bigger range than usual giving you unprecedented depth and speeds way out of the range you’ve ever heard in a phaser!
As if this wasn’t enough we also added a volume control with up to 6dB of boost, an FX-Loop on the modulated part to create unique sounds you’ve never heard from a phaser and an expression input to control the phasing sweep manually in realtime. While being digitally controlled the signal path stays 100% analog leaving your guitar signal 100% intact at all times.


  • Lichtlaerm Audio Smart Relay technology

  • all analog signal path

  • 4 stages of phase shifting

  • 8 waveforms

  • tap tempo

  • fx-loop & manual sweep

  • Univbe & Phaser settings

  • volume control

  • resonance control