by Organic Sounds


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Effects: Boost, Fuzz

Organic Sounds Kerberos has a simple one-knob control, and very clean control with only three-step gain switching.

As you turn it clockwise, the "distortion" gradually deepens, the left side is a fuzz booster sound, the middle is a fuzz sound, and the right side is a "fragrant fuzz sound" with a saturated fuzz sound. If you use it in down tuning, it's a tone that fits perfectly into a stoner rock approach, and if you use it in Strat + Marshall, for example, the 70's flavour will be added at once. There is great control over saturation of the distortion using the guitar volume.

Since it is designed to raise the volume slightly when it is turned on, it is recommended to use it near the guitar when placing it on the pedal board.