Le Clean Pre Amp

by Two Notes


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Effect: tube preamplifier

Superb condition, boxed with manual and power supply.

The Two Notes Audio Engineering Le Clean Preamp was inspired by the brown, black and silver-faced amps from America... You know what we mean.

This 2-channel preamp lets you choose between the ultra-clean Channel A or the slightly smokier-sounding Channel B. Each channel has its own eq section, Channel A has bass and treble controls, while Channel B has bass, mid and mid sweep controls. An added Fusion Mode lets you combine the channels; the Cold Fusion mode puts the two channels in parallel, letting you blend the Channel A clean tone with the dirtier B channel, while the Hot Fusion mode cascades the channels, effectively making A a boost for B with both A and B EQ's available to shape the result. This makes the Le Clean Preamp incredibly versatile.

Other features include a balanced DI output (with ground lift), phones output with switchable speakersim, post-EQ FX loop, thru output and Midi In and Midi Out. If you want a preamp that lets you dial in almost any clean or lightly overdriven tone, look no further than the Two Notes Le Clean Preamp.