Liquid Sunshine

by Subdecay


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Effect: Overdrive

The updated Liquid Sunshine mkIII pays tribute to its roots with a remarkably similar character and better control. Your guitar and pickups will shine through on all settings. The mkIII is slightly more transparent than earlier versions, especially at low gain settings. Higher gain settings have a more bite with more gain than the original and tone that will put a smile on your face.
The Liquid Sunshine mkIII is well suited for use with a clean amplifier, or pushing a cranked amp. This is especially important for playing at different volume levels. It feels equally at home on stage, at rehearsal or simply practicing at home.
It loves being stacked with other drive pedals. It's great for pushing other drive pedals, but unlike many other low gain overdrives it excels when pushed by other dirt boxes.

It's also great for warming up your tone. Many modern amplifiers are biased cold. This may result in tubes lasting longer, which is especially important if the amp maker uses the cheapest tubes available. It might even make an amp a little louder. Unfortunately this doesn't always make for the best tone. This pedal is the perfect fit if your amplifier leaves you wanting a little more.
There are two internal switches for a bass and treble boost. These are very helpful with different amps. If you find most overdrive pedals push your amp too hard, or get too squashed by low end response turn the bass switch off. This is especially useful if you are pushing an already overdriven amp.

For amps with darker speakers turn treble switch on. Turn it off for brighter amplifiers, and especially for amps with smaller speakers.

What has Changed?
The emphasis control replaces the second drive knob: Similar to a tone control, the emphasis knob also adds a little gain. This allows you to control the overall character without making the overdrive too bright.

Many users of the original Liquid Sunshine described it as "tweedy" or "voxy". While the mkIII sounds similar it is not meant to be an "amp in a can" device. If anything it's inspired by the idea that an overdrive should "play nice" with your tone. It works with the gear you already have. It won't make your amplifier sound like something it's not. It simply adds a little magic.