Little Miss Sunshine

by Skreddy Pedals


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Effect: Phaser

Optical Phase Shifter
With a Classic 70's Voice

Adds dimensional shimmer and syrupy swirl, from hypnotic slow to dizzying fast

Extremely low noise and clean, maintains neutral eq and volume footprint

Plenty of headroom and fuzz friendly, before or after

Big knob for easy foot control

Signature mid-70's phaser voicing,
balancing clarity and definition
with lushness and depth
Instant gratification! Just stomp and you're in a hauntingly familiar but ever new space and time

Meat-and-potatoes phaser. Plug it into your high-gain channel or your favorite distortion, and it won't add noise or mess with your tone (e.g.; no treble boost, no bass cut; no volume boost, no volume drop). It's transparent, lush, distortion-free, and warm, with that sweet, sweet flavor you won't want to rock without.