Marvel Drive 3

by Ramble FX


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Effects: Distortion, Marshall, Overdrive

These are the last of the last. Ramble FX ceased to exist after Tim's passing in July last year (2022). These were part of the remaining inventory and are being sold as New Old Stock. 

Your search for the perfect plexi pedal is over! Marvel Drive delivers the KRRR-ANG and crunch that has defined rock tones from the 1960's through today. It uses JFET transistors to simulate tube gain stages, creating the give-and-take response that guitar players love.

Marvel Drive features unique "blended volume" controls to simulate a plexi amp with its inputs patched together. The result is two differently voiced gain controls that can be mixed together.

Marvel Drive has an innovative dual voltage switch. No need for an 18V supply, it can turn any voltage connected (9-20V) into 9V and 18V switchable on the fly. Set to 18V, Marvel Drive will be louder and have a sharper attack.

A well-known secret to great tone out of the vintage, 4 input Marshall™ amps is to use a patch cable to connect two of the inputs together. When this is done, the HIGH TREBLE and the NORMAL volumes are both active and can be blended together for the perfect crunchy combination.

That is what Marvel Drive recreates. Just like the amp, Marvel Drive uses two gain stages in parallel, one with a bright and throaty scream, and one with enough thump to rattle the walls.

Marvel Drive's circuit is 100% JFET based, with no clipping diodes or op-amps. JFETs are a special type of transistor that behaves very similarly to vacuum tubes. In fact, part of Marvel Drive's circuit is identical to that of a plexi amplifier, substituting JFETs for vacuum tubes. This gives Marvel Drive the touch sensitive and dynamic response of amplifier.

Marvel Drive 3