Mirror House Pedal

by Electronic Audio Experiments


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Effects: Pitch shifter, used

Designed in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments

Mirror house creates two copies of an incoming signal which veer off into opposite directions. This unusual approach to pitch shifting is capable of weird detuning, disorienting microtonal clusters, perfectly harmonic chords, or ugly, strange dissonance. (It can also be a chorus).

Using the Animate control, the pitch shifting will bend in tandem with the attack of your instrument, creating vibrato, glissando, and divebomb effects.


  • Mix - pan between the dry and effected signals. Turn clockwise to increase the amount of pitch-shifted signal. At maximum, no dry signal is present. 
  • Amount - amount of pitch shifting. Turn clockwise to move the two voices away in pitch from the original signal. 
  • Animate - amount of envelope added to the pitch shift. Turn clockwise to exaggerate the dynamic response of the pitch shifting. The higher voice moves up and the lower voice moves down. 
  • Voices - mix between higher and lower pitch voices. In the center position, this is an equal mix. Turn clockwise to focus on the higher voice, and turn counterclockwise to focus on the lower voice. 
  • Mode (toggle) - sets the range of the Amount knob. In the down position, the Amount knob ranges from subtle detune to a semitone. In the up position, the Amount knob is quantized in semitones up to an octave.