Mohair Fuzztortion

by Kittycaster FX


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Effects: Distortion, Fuzz

Continuing our quest for the ultimate in sound + response is Mohair, a five-transistor fuzz/distortion that delivers a refined take on the classic muffy tone. Mohair gives you thick walls of sound and fat, sustaining leads but while retaining a more open, touch-sensitive response. The boost footswitch activates a Rangemaster-style booster circuit in front that transforms Mohair into a blazing riff monster. The Range control lets you dial in how thick the boost is - go from tight, speedy riffs to endless, thick, sustaining notes.

  • Go from early 70s classic rock leads to later '70s treble-boosted overdriven amp riffs to '90s shoegaze walls of sound all the way to epic millennial doomscapes!
  • Mohair is not a direct clone of any existing spec. It is tuned and optimized to achieve a custom refined voicing.
  • No-compromise build and circuit design utilizing five silicon transistors.
  • All-discrete, through-hole components specifically selected and tuned to achieve the best sound + response.
  • Housed in kittycasterFX's exclusive wedge enclosure.

Mohair Fuzztortion