by Mu-Tron


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Effects: Phaser, used

This is a great analogue optical phaser from the legendary Musitronics Corporation – effectively this is half the circuit of a Bi-Phase and the sound and build quality is exceptional.

The pedal’s in good condition for its age with the following points of note – it inevitably has a few bumps, dings and scratches to the case, the power switch is stuck in the "on" position due to a slight bend in the chassis with age and touring use. 
However, none of that affects the functioning of the pedal; built to withstand everything seventies musicians could throw at it – with a solid aluminium and steel case a this vintage Made In USA pedal weighs in at over 1.5kg.

The sound is everything you could wish for in a top quality phaser – from thick and syrupy to shimmery and delicate – it flatters and enhances whatever you feed through it. Sounds lovely on guitars and synths, glorious on electric pianos and string synths: great playing live and quiet enough to be a serious studio tool.

This is a 110 V model, so it will require a step down Transformer to be able to run in the UK