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Effects: Fuzz, Octave

Octave-Down, Octave-Up, Distortion/Fuzz

The NEW OCTAVIDER+ is the newest reincarnation of the classic Mu-Tron Octave Divider. The OCTAVIDER+ creates a thick analog octave-down, a fuzzy ring-modulated octave-up tone, and a creamy hi-fi fuzz tone in a pedalboard-friendly size and powered by industry-standard 9V DC. The OCTAVIDER+ pairs amazingly well with the Micro-Tron IV and tracks steady on guitar, bass, keyboards, and horns. Turn your instrument into a fat monophonic synthesizer.

The Mu-Tron OCTAVIDER+ makes the full, harmonically rich option of “playing in octaves” available to all horn and stringed instrument players. This live effect is created by newly developed circuitry that analyzes the original signal and “pairs” it with the note one octave below, matching tone color and dynamics over an exceptionally wide range. The unique “stabilization” circuit (patent pending) enables the Mu-Tron OCTAVIDER+ to “lock into” the musical tone and sound a simultaneous sub-octave with accuracy that is not found in any other device. An important advance in electronic music technology, the OCTAVIDER+ has the same quality, ruggedness, and reliability that makes Mu-Tron the first choice of professional musicians.

The RINGER provides multiple effects of distortion, extra note generation, and a kind of “octave up” effect. RINGER effect is added to the output, regardless of MIX. The more “pure” the instrument tone, the stronger the “octave up” effect. For the strongest “octave up”, turn MIX full down to eliminate the originally played register. STRINGED INSTRUMENTS: neck pick-up tone down, volume up full. (GUITAR, play from the tenth fret up on all strings.) Two notes played simultaneously will beat with each other, producing “extra” notes. Try parallel fourths, fifths, or other simple chords. MIX full up. WIND INSTRUMENTS: play with a clear “round” tone.

The OCTAVIDER+ also adds the new, high-voltage, hi-fidelity “blue” FUZZ circuit that adds amazing harmonic distortion which may be used independently or in addition to the OCTAVE effect. The single-knob FUZZ circuit is designed to increase FUZZ in the clockwise direction while interactively decreasing output level. By using tone and volume controls on guitar, many great in-between tones also may be discovered.

The OCTAVIDER+ can be used successfully with many other devices, in most cases, the OCTAVIDER+ should be the first to receive the signal from the instrument. The OCTAVIDER+ will, however, benefit greatly if placed after a Mu-Tron BOOSTRON II. The OCTAVIDER+ is designed to work in a complementary fashion with the Mu-Tron MICRO-TRON IV and PHASOR III products to produce a “modular synthesis system”.


  • The ability to preserve dynamics and harmonic content of the original signal in the sub-octave.

  • A stabilization circuit that “locks into” all single-voiced signals.
  • A tone color control for sub-octave.
  • A ringer circuit for harmonic emphasis of upper-octave tones, and special multi-note effects.
  • An independent, high-fidelity fuzz circuit that adds harmonic overdrive tones with single-knob. control.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) indicators to show the operating status of effects.
  • 9V DC powered in rugged Mu-Tron enclosure.


  • Mix controls the mix between the direct signal and the effect signal
  • Tone (Lo-Hi) controls the tone
  • Ringer adds a slight octave up and fuzz tone
  • Stabilize (On/Off) provides note tracking stability
  • Bass Only (On/Off) takes out the input signal
  • Fuzz adds a warm hi-fi fuzz tone


  • 1/4″ Input Jack
  • 1/4″ Output Jack
  • 9V DC
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA