Opia Fuzz Engine

by Red Witch


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Effect: Fuzz

Just. Turn. It. On.

A pedal with no knobs?? What sort of witchcraft is this?

Ultra Simple. Sublime fuzz. At the click of a Footswitch. That kind of witchcraft.

The OPIA Fuzz engine is a petite device of rare beauty that we created to deliver phenomenal fuzz. No fuss, no fiddling. Just Click and GO.
Dual silicon transistors harmoniously conjure fuzz flavous of epic proportions. Use your guitars volume knob to determine the flavour, feel and grit of the fuzz. From clean glassy highs to “wall-of-fuzz” behemothocity, it’s all there.

Fuzz pedals, generally, sound best when first in the signal chain. We took this idea and thought “Well, if it’s first in the chain, why not allow the player to set the flavor/ grit and volume with their guitars volume control?” So we did. And we have. OPIA.

OPIA has two internal trimpots that you can preset. One controls the overall output volume and the other allows you to fine tune the bite and grit. Set and forget.

So much sound from such a little box. 

A “romantic getaway” between your guitar and your fuzz tone. 

So fun. So easy. So good.


True-Bypass switching
Set and forget.
Ultra interactive with your guitars volume control.
Hand Signed and numbered


Dimensions: 105mm x 50mm x 45mm

Weight: 145 grams

Current draw: 15ma

Opia Fuzz Engine