Otterley Reverb

by Maneco Labs


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Effects: ambient, Drone, Reverb

Two reverbs running side by side.

Reverb 1 is naturally ambient and just uses the one control to increase saturation, it's lush and warm but can be subtle and light.

Reverb 2 can be manipulated with Feedback, Delay time, Grain and Pitch. This can create an almost arpeggiated reverb in different pitches that can feedback and drone infinitely, or it can be set simply at a shorter delay time for discordant metallic tones and when blended with Reverb 1 creates a backdrop of an uncomfortable dystopia. Yes, I have been having great fun with this. If you are into creating awesome soundscapes, this is for you, it can go from a sweet subtle ambient reverb to a full on englufing cacophony.