Outer Rings

by Adventure Audio


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Effects: Modulation, Oscillation

The core function of the Outer Rings is to multiply the input signal by an internal square wave oscillator. This multiplication produces a square wave containing harmonic energy mathematically related to the harmonic content of your input signal and the oscillator. That can then be added together with your post-gain signal for some truly outer galaxy tones.

Because we like to adventure and take things further, we didn't stop at one oscillator... we included a modulating oscillator to sweep and wiggle the frequency of the multiplying oscillator hands free. (Look ma, we're modulating now!) You can use it as an LFO to change the pitch super slow (we're talking 10+ seconds for a full pitch sweep) or rev it up into the audio range and make the multiplying oscillator do some math and make some sweet, sweet frequency modulation in the process. 

Gain - Input Level
Freq - Multiplier Frequency, offset for CV1, internal modulation and expression
Strange - Symmetry and pitch of multiplying oscillator
Rate - Speed of modulation of the Multiplier Freq
Mod Depth - Depth of modulation of the Multiplier Freq
Tilt - Blend between post gain and ring modulation
Exp Toggle - Up (controls multiplier freq), Down (controls just the modulator)
X - Expression Pedal Jack Input
Shape Toggle - Up (sends some of your output back around to modulate the multiplier)
Outer Toggle - Speed range of modulating oscillator
Rings Toggle - Range of multiplier frequency
CV1 - (0-9V compatible range) Multiplier Frequency Control Voltage
CV2 - (0-9V compatible range) Modulation Oscillator Control Voltage
Transport - Sucks the whole system into a feedblackhole